Brief messages always include the company logo with the address information, telephone and fax numbers as well as the company's website. The sender adds the addressee and date and signs the message by hand.

Group membership

The supplement "Member of the Hannover Re Group" is obligatory for all subsidiaries and service companies and is incorporated into the document as described on auf the following pages. Depending on the language of the message and the target group, the supplement may alternatively be in another language , e.g. German ("Mitglied der Hannover Rück-Gruppe"), Spanish ("Miembro del Grupo Hannover Re"), French ("Membre du Groupe Hannover Re") or Italian ("Membro del Gruppo Hannover Re").


Brief message Home Office, English

Brief message Home Office, German

Brief message E+S Rück

Brief message branch office, English

1) Index: Compatil Fact Lt Com Regular, font size 7 pt, line spacing 8,6 pt, left-aligned; Company name: Pantone 294 C, address and website: black; Branch and representative offices and references to membership of the Hannover Re Group are coloured grey (50 k);
2) Enclosure list: Compatil Fact Lt Com Regular, font size 9 pt, line spacing 14 pt, left-aligned, black; Tabulator: 5 mm; Text ascends from bottom to top; Tick boxes: 2.15 mm, frame line width 0.25 pt

Rule: logo height h= 6 mm

Template files

Templates are available in the form of PDF files and InDesign templates. The Indesign templates cannot be opened by Hannover Re staff, they are made available only to agencies and typesetters for further processing.

The files shown here are examples. Specific local features should be adapted to the standard as far as possible, statutory requirements must be complied with and CC-ICP consulted in case of doubt.