The Hannover Re Group's umbrella brand

The umbrella brand of the Hannover Re Group is visualised by the "Hannover Re" logo:

Logo Hannover Re

Subsidiary brands

E+S Rückversicherung AG (claim: The reinsurer for Germany) has its own company brands and its own logos but otherwise follow the Corporate Design of the Hannover Re Group.

Logos ES Rück und Inter Hannover

Use of the brands

Home Office staff use the "Hannover Re" umbrella brand for all purpose, except for customer contacts in German reinsurance business (E+S Rück).

Local staff of companies with "Hannover" in their name use the "Hannover Re" umbrella brand for all purposes.

Sub-brands within the brand architecture

Below the umbrella of Hannover Re and the company brand E+S Rück there are a large number of sub-brands. These may be products, services, tools and publications being promoted externally to clients. In order to unify the entire brand architecture both existing and newly developed product names receive a respectively designed logo which will be used for internal and external communications.  

Logo subbrand hr es ih

In order to ensure and facilitate the achievement of the various purposes of communication, there are mandatory guidelines for visual design of the sub-brands. You can find these in the sub-brand logo section as well as in the sections of the relevant type of media.