This general section provides staff with an overview of the Corporate Design of the Hannover Re Group, but the detailed specifications are intended mainly for service-providers such as printers and agencies.

One CD for all media

Our Corporate Design makes it possible to achieve a uniform, strong visual identity across the diverse range of communication media. Consistently and correctly used, it facilitates recognition and enhances the familiarity of the "Hannover Re" umbrella brand.

The different requirements which our communication media (e.g. brochures, presentations) have to satisfy are dealt with in separate sections.


The Corporate Design is essentially defined by six basic components:

The logos
The claims "somewhat different" and "The reinsurer for Germany" for E+S Rück
The colours
The typography
The visual world (imagery)
The "speech bubble" element

Other important aspects are the corporate wording and the selection of paper for printed matters.

These elements are defined and their correct use is described in the following sections.