The Hannover Re colour scheme is based on the primary colour dark blue (HR blue: Pantone 294 C / 100c 58m 0y 20k / 0r 81g 146b / #005192 / RAL 5010) and on a range of matching secondary colours specially composed for each medium (Print, PowerPoint). Together they form an unmistakable colour scheme which visualises the personality of the Hannover Re Group.

Basis colours

The basic colours for all media of the Hannover Re Group are the primary colour HR blue and the secondary colours HR cyan and HR warm grey. These colours form the framework within which all media are designed. Use of the colours (full colour or shaded) can vary between media.

Extended colour scale

A wider colour scale is needed to represent complex graphics. In addition to the primary and secondary colours, minor colours have been defined that are harmonious and yet allow a high contrast. The colour sequence within graphics is clearly defined.