The new imagery scheme for the Group replaced the upside-down landscapes. The inverted images must no longer be used.

The visual world – "pictures that tell a story"

Pictures should attract attention, lead into a topic, visualise the context and trigger an emotional response.

The new basic principle is aimed at authentic communication. Strong images tell stories by illustrating content. The sometimes abstract topics of a reinsurance company, especially, call for clear, concrete imagery. This is indispensable for making Hannover Re visible and tangible.

To cater to all levels of communication, the new imagery comprises two levels:

Narrative photography

The narrative photos serve to visualise the topics of the insurance group and are available in a Group-wide photo pool that can be successively expanded as new themes emerge.

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Key Visuals

This image level replaces the upside-down landscapes used up to now. It visualises only the "somewhat different" claim and thus the universal corporate commitment –"Hannover Re, the somewhat different reinsurer."

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