This image level replaces the upside-down landscapes used up to now. It visualises only the "somewhat different" claim and thus the universal corporate commitment –"Hannover Re, the somewhat different reinsurer."

Use of key visuals

Key visuals may for example be used on an all-purpose rollup for events. They appear on the title of the company presentation of Hannover Re Group. Whenever a concrete topic is dealt with, the image should fit the content. (see: Narrative photography). A fact sheet on agricultural risks might feature the photo of a harvester in a field, a flyer on the London market might use a photo of London.

There is a set photo pool for the key visuals. Only the motifs from this pool may be used to visualise the claim. Special requests not covered by the photo pool must be discussed with the Corporate Communications department.

Type 1

People in unusual situations that visualise "different" in a tongue-in-cheek way, without undermining the company's earnestness or appearing silly. The business context should always be preserved.

Menschen in ungewöhnlichen Situationen

Figure: Example key visual type 1: people

Type 2

Metaphorical representation by still-life shots that symbolise the different, the unusual, without undermining the company's earnestness or appearing silly.

Metaphorische Darstellung durch Stillleben

Figure: Example key visual type 2: metaphorical representation