Please note that the rules concerning newsletters below only apply to those newsletters that are (also) printable. Online newsletter follow different guidelines at in some aspects.

  • The grid matrix is based on the design for inside pages (wide punch-hole margin at left)
  • The white frame of the header is 5 mm in high-end publications and 3 mm in self-made publications to make allowance for the printing margin
  • Continuous text must be aligned to the basic line grid (start: 10.152 mm, spacing: 12.5 pt) and is set in two-column justified style
  • The following elements are obligatory on the title page: speech bubble, logo, claim, heading and continuous text
  • As of four pages, the pages must be numbered and the "Hannover Re" identifier used (at least two pages must be numbered within each document).
  • The URL is always shown at the bottom right on the last page of content (in one-page documents the URL is at the bottom left on the title page)
  • Inlays and newsletters are dated. On the newsletters the date is positioned at the top left within the speech bubble (above "Newsletter") on the title page. There are to options where to put the date on the inlays: below left on the title page (directly above the URL, if applicable) or at the end of the continuous text.
  • Pictures may be incorporated into the continuous text or extend over both text columns minus the caption column. In self-made productions, pictures may be used only across both text columns at the start of the continuous text.
  • Every picture (whether in the continuous text, over two columns or in the speech bubble) is accompanied by a Caption (PDF)
  • Photos of contact persons are arranged from top left to bottom right, depending on the hierarchy level. Photos at the same position are arranged in alphabetical order. Guidelines on contact photos are given here: Portraits. Remember that the "Your contacts" heading may be used only once within any document. This heading is placed above the first contact person and is not repeated if the contacts section continues over the page.
  • Charts and tables created in Illustrator and InDesign must be used in high-end productions, the charts and tables in self-made publications are created in the MS Office programs

Guidelines for text lengths:

  • 1-line heading: about 38 characters (headings should be set in not more than two lines)
  • Picture captions: not more than 130 characters (captions should set in two lines)
  • Continuous text, title page (speech bubble height 1/6 of the page layout matrix): about 4,020 characters
  • Continuous text, title page (speech bubble height 2/6 of the page layout matrix): about 2,720 characters
  • Continuous text, title page (speech bubble height 3/6 of the page layout matrix): about 1,820 characters
  • Continuous text, back/inside pages (header height 1/6 of the page layout matrix): about 4,520 characters

The above values are for rough guidance only and refer to layouts without pictures, highlighted text or charts.

Positioning sub-brand logos in inserts

In inserts the sub-brand logo is positioned in the content area beneath the headline. There is a choice of various options.