The Human Resources Management division uses a different communication scheme for recruiting new employees, featuring a variation on the standard imagery and layout. This is also the only Division in which on-line advertisements are posted. Two design versions are available:

  • version 1 with full-format photo (specifications as for Image advertisements)
  • version 2 with a white border and a motif framed within a speech bubble (job advertisements)

The following description applies to job advertisements (version 2):

Job advertisements


Advertisements use natural motifs in a picture frame in the form of the speech bubble. These motifs may not be used for any other purposes.

Speech bubble

The bubble has a 5 mm margin at the top and sides. The height is 3/6 of the format height. Job advertisements have a caption.

Advertising text

Job advertisements follow the employer branding basic concept. The advertising text itself is in one or two columns beneath the photo – the text is black.

Logo and claim

The logo is always at the bottom right of the format, the claim at the top right on the image. The logo and claim colours are described in the section Logos and Claims.

Contact information

The minimum requirement is the internet address at the bottom left. Further Contact information may be added as required.