Printed materials are made for "hands-on" reading, so their conception must take not only visual but also haptic aspects into account. Even if it is now common practice to offer brochures as PDF files in the Internet for downloading, the design features defined here must still be optimised for the professionally printed product.


Style guidelines, publication system, paper selection and further comprehensive aspects, such as dealing with charts and tables, will be covered in the section Publications/Basics.

Publications system

All publications of the Hannover Re Group are based on a precisely defined system for title pages and inside pages. This system includes a prescribed type matrix that clearly distinguishes different publications. The classification of printed materials into the various types is dealt with under the Publications system section. The design of the title and inside pages is discussed for each type of publication separately.

The following overview shows the classification of the publications within the type matrix:

Financial publications

  • Group Annual Report
  • Group quarterly reports
  • Annual reports of subsidiaries

Image brochures

  • Strategy brochure
  • CSR brochure
  • Brochures for business segments
  • Marketing and recruitment brochures (e.g. WebHuman)

Product/lines-of-business information

  • High-end inlays (e.g. team sheets)
  • Self-made inlays (e.g. team sheets)
  • High-end newsletters
  • Self-made newsletters for external customers
  • Self-made newsletters for internal customers

Commercial/legal documents

  • Articles of Association, AGM invitations, list of authorised signatories
  • Special issues