Exhibition systems are stand systems consisting of several panels of the same or different sizes. In some aspects, different rules apply than for stand-alone displays. Due to the diversity of the available systems, only a schematic description can be given here, and the details must be adapted from case to case.


Basically, two kinds of composite exhibition systems are defined:

  • An arrangement of several separate displays with a white strip at the top of the panels, extending over 1/9 of the format height (as described above)
  • Exhibition systems with a separate fascia showing the logo and claim above the actual panels.

Both versions consist of a central area with roll-ups to the right and left. Narrow panels may also be placed at an angle to the main display wall, facing inward or outward.

Roll-ups featuring partner companies or products show the company logo in white with one line above and below (in 3 pt, 1/15 away from the left and right edge). The design of subsidiaries' roll-ups follows the Group rules.

Version with a white strip

Logo: the logo stands left-adjusted on the central area as described above; if there are outward-facing panels, the logo on them is centred in the white strip.

Claim: stands on the central area within the image (see Display wall)

Version with white fascia

There is no white strip within the format, the panels feature a full-size photo or a full-area coloured background. Contents stand at the top along an imaginary line at 1/9 of the format height. If the exhibition stand has a white fascia, there is no logo on the display walls/roll-ups.

Logo: centred on the central area on the fascia. If there are outward-facing panels, the logo also stands centred above them on the fascia.

Claim: only centred on the fascia above the two roll-ups immediately adjoining the central area to the right and left.

Use of text

Text on images stands in a balloon or in headline size directly on the image (only if easy to read). When a balloon is used with a narrative photo, there is a caption under the pointer.

Text above image arrangements is enclosed between lines at the top and bottom. Text beneath images is introduced by a pointer.

Use of images

If an exhibition stand combines several panels with full-size images, there must be at least one plain coloured area in HR blue between the image panels to convey a visual rhythm. The overall appearance of the images should create a harmonic impression.

Key visuals may be placed only on the central area; only narrative photos may be used on all other panels.

Arrangements (only used within an exhibition system).

Narrative photos may be used on the roll-ups within the exhibition system also as part of a picture arrangement. However, key visuals must not be combined. Arrangements consist of two or three pictures. These stand on a white balloon or have white border, 1 pt. The background colour of the roll-up is HR blue over the full area.