Title picture

A presentation always starts with a title or a welcome slide.

To fill in the text blocks simply click directly on the predefined text placeholders.

You also have the option of changing the default title picture. A wide selection of pictures is available in PowerPoint by opening the “Title images” folder in the Element Wizard. You may choose and insert a new title picture by clicking on it. Changing the title picture will not affect any texts already entered on the slide. Please pay attention to possible cultural restrictions when choosing a title picture.

Available title pictures for presentations

Basic slide layouts

To add a blank slide, please click on the “New slide” icon on the dropdown menu “Home” in PowerPoint. The complete catalogue of ready-to-use standard layouts will open up. Click on the desired layout to insert a blank slide.


Available standard layouts

Ready-made sample slides

Alternatively, you can use the „Element Wizard“ to call up all offered predefined slides, charts or other elements in the following topic areas.

  • Title images
  • Claims
  • Logos
  • Marketing images
  • Slide basics
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Processes
  • Boxes
  • Geometric shapes
  • Icons
  • Maps
  • Flags
  • Contact slides
  • Org

Categories of predefined sample slides

To insert these examples click on the button „As New Slide“ on the bottom of the element window and adjust them to your specifications.

Inserting new slides via the “Element Wizard”