• The horizontal lines in InDesign are interrupted in white (4 pt) to distinguish the columns more clearly.


  • In 2-year comparisons, the current year is always on the left.
  • Two text indents have been defined for distinguishing hierarchies.


Tables are always positioned in the text flow immediately after the associated text. In single-column continuous text, tables occupy the full text column width (10 columns of the page layout matrix). If more space is needed, the tables may take up the full possible width (12 columns). In this case they extend beyond the text box. Tables in the Group financial statements always extend over the full width (12 columns).

Tables use only horizontal lines for subdividing.


The previously used table design with black vertical boundary lines must no longer be used.




The headings of tables are formatted at the same highlighting level as charts. In the case of tables they are not in the table header, but always in a separate heading line above the table.

Currency names/units are placed, whenever possible, in the left column header of the table.


For easier recognition, the current year is highlighted. In this case the column header is shaded in HR cyan (font colour white), the rest of the column boxes are shaded in HR warm grey (10% gradations).

To distinguish content in complex tables, further hierarchies in the form of sub-headings, totals and sum totals may be used.