Key visuals no longer used

[ 2021-11-23 ]

The chapter "Key visuals" was deleted; key visuals are no longer used.

New PowerPoint tool "Efficient Elements"

[ 2019-04-26 ]

In the chapter Presentations (PowerPoint) you will find tips and tricks regarding the new add-in as well as the corporate design adapted by the change.

Group e-mail address no longer used

[ 2017-09-12 ]

The e-mail address is no longer used. In imprints, refer to

Icon overview supplied

[ 2017-03-14 ]

Icon overview in chapter "Icons/pictograms" supplied in the right marginal column.

Content of sections "Branding strategy and “Logos" have been complemented by the topic “Sub-brands”

[ 2015-07-28 ]

The implementation of the sub-brand concept entails design guidelines and hints. General information can be found in chapter Branding strategy, guidelines on how to design and use logos are documented in chapter Logos. Further, you can find information on how to place a sub-brand logo in the chapters of the respective medium.

New chapter “Application style guide“ online


The chapter “Application style guide“ contains design and editorial information as well as technical aspects with regards to software products, online tools and web-based services that are either marketed externally to clients or developed and licenced internally for in-house use.

New chapter “Moving images“ online


The chapter “Moving images“ contains rules to be followed when creating film material and animations.