Font size

The font size in the master settings for text slides is 16 pt. There is no downgrading for subordinated text levels. Only in the exceptional cases of very large amount of text and if the presentation is mainly intended for use as a handout, the font size shall be reduced.

Font colours

The principal font colour used in presentations is (B) HR anthracite.
In text boxes with a dark background colour, the text is formatted in the negative font (A) HR white.
(1) HR cyan is used for emphasis.


Font colours in presentations


Only formatting in (1) HR cyan may emphasize text. For further highlighting HR anthracite (B) bold print is used.

Text levels

The following 7 Text levels are pre-set in text boxes in PowerPoint:


Font size and text levels in presentations

To switch accurately between the levels, be sure to use the “Decrease indent” and “Increase indent” commands in the “Home” menu bar. To do this, highlight the line to be re-assigned and click on the framed buttons.


"Decrease indent" and "Increase indent" commands