Our Group's Corporate Design is defined not only by a uniform business profile but also by standard rules for writing/composing correspondence.

Printed stationery is characterised by use of the colour Pantone 294 (blue). It is purchased via an agency or directly from a typesetter for use by all staff. This section gives a detailed description of the correct design and use of our business stationery. Specimen copies of all printed materials must be sent to CC-ICP in Hannover for approval before going to print.

Template files

We provide specimen files in the form of Indesign master documents for agencies and typesetters and as dimensioned PDF files for setting up documents locally. Please note that a special program is needed to view the InDesign files. This is not available to Hannover Re staff; please use the associated PDF files.

Size formats

The business stationery follows the DIN format series, except in the USA where it may follow US standards.

Paper selection

Information on paper types and weights is given in the section:

Paper and grammages