The paper quality of business stationery and brochures is also crucial to Hannover Re Group's Corporate Design. Our printed materials meet with a favourable reaction not only upon first glance but also the first time they are touched.

The following tables list the papers to be used together with their specifications. If the specified type of paper is unavailable in a particular country, paper of a very similar quality should be used.

Business stationery

Letter paper, Executive Board envelopes

Paper type Gohrsmühle, FSC-certified weights from 80 g – 110 g/m2


ArticleWeight in g/m2
Executive Board envelope 80
Executive Board letter paper 110
Standard letter paper 90

Standard envelopes

Our standard envelopes are low-cost standard-quality white products specially printed for Hannover Re.


ArticleWeight in g/m2
Envelope DIN long 80
Envelope DIN C5 90
Large envelope DIN C4 and B4 120

Business cards, compliments slips, brief messages

Paper type Luxosamt, 300 g/m2; reverse side with film lamination matt.

Printed publications

Paper type Inapa Infinity (Paper-Union), FSC-certified grammages from 115 to 300 g/2.


in g/m2
Group Annual Report Bound Envelope: 350 
Binding strip: 170 
Inside page: 115
PU binding requires 350 g for envelope, 170 g for binding strip because inside pages are attached there.
A4 brochure
up to 8 pp.
Stitched Envelope: 250 or 170 
Inside page: 170
No advantage to be gained from changing paper.
A4 brochure
as of 12 pp.
Bound Envelope: 250 or 170 
Inside page: 150
E.g. quarterly report: good adhesive binding calls for at least 4 mm thick back lining, inside page weight cannot be reduced.
A5 invitation
as of 36 pp.
Stitched Envelope: 250 
Inside page: 115
E.g. AGM invitation: reduction of yawning and weight.
(not sewn)
Folded Envelope: 170 No inside page: folded only

FSC certificate

We use FSC-certified paper types and endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint when printing high-paper-content items such as our annual report. The imprint on these printed materials features the FSC seal. If the seal does not fit on the inside back cover, it may also be placed on the outside back cover.