The name tags we use for events organised within our company are also part of our Corporate Design. Please always use your company's logo at the top right. Detailed instructions for creating name tags are given in the intranet. The template files can be accessed in Word (New/Clips and Name Tags) and downloaded for editing.

Two alternatives are available for labelling name tags. The individual's forename and surname must always be shown; the company name may be omitted for in-house events A smaller font than the standard may only be used if the person's name would not otherwise fit onto a single line. Pre-cut sheets from Durable (name tags 60 x 90 mm, no. 1456 white 02, item no. 501615) are used for printing. At Home Office these can be obtained from Materials Procurement. These formatting specifications apply to the plastic holders provided by the company Durable (, format 7.5 x 9.5 cm, item no. 8003.

Name tag dimensions

The Word templates contain the correct dimensions and logo, please do not change anything.

Dimensions wearer's name only


Namensclips mit Bema├čungen

Format: 88 x 60 mm Name (wearer's name only): Arial 26 pt, line spacing single, left-aligned, black

Dimensions with company name

Namensclips mit Department/Company

Namensclips mit Department/Company

Format: 88 x 60 mm Name (with company name line): Arial 20 pt, line spacing single, left-aligned, black Company name line: Arial Bold 11 pt, line spacing single, left-aligned, black