Display walls are stand-alone areas in horizontal format. They are based on a defined layout matrix which depends on the format of the display. The letters marked with an asterisk refer to the dimensioning matrix shown in the PDF below.

Beispiele für Messewände

Layout matrix and background

Layout matrix: horizontal subdivision: 9 lines; vertical subdivision: 30 columns.

The layout matrix defines the position of the logo, claim and balloon and the width of the balloon.

Background: coloured area in HR blue (100%) or photo (full-size) with white strip at top (b)*.

Logo and claim

Position of the logo: x = 1/30 of the format width from the left (a)*; y = centred in the first line (d1)*.

Position of the claim: x = 1/30 of the format width from the right (a)*; y = centred in the second line (d2)*.

The examples show the "somewhat different" claim. The same rules apply to the "The reinsurer for Germany" claim used in conjunction with the E+S logo.

Position of the balloon

Display walls always use a balloon as a characteristic element. It may be placed anywhere within the defined area.

The following restricted area should be observed: from right and left: 1/30 = 1 column (a)* from top and bottom: 2/9 = two lines (c)*.

Shape and colour of the balloon

Width: at least six columns, always whole columns.

Height: depending on text, not more than five lines (including pointer).

Pointer mouth: two columns wide, two columns from left (start of balloon); do not distort pointer.

Colours: white or on a photo also 100% HR blue, HR cyan, HR warm grey or 30% warm grey.

The balloon can be dispensed with if no text is used (see example at bottom right in the picture above). In this case the display wall consists of a full-size photo.

Text and font

When a display wall is used on its own, the text is always in a balloon, if the background is a full-size photo. A caption is placed under the pointer on narrative photos, but not on key visuals.

More information about lettering see:


If images are used, only one motif (narrative photo or key visual) per wall. This is always used full-size.

No-go 1: Only one balloon may be used. The balloon on the left is by definition too small.

No-go 2: The balloon should not be used within the restricted area; central positioning within the format is not permitted. On a coloured area such as here, the balloon must be white. The size and position of the logo and claim must not be changed.

No-go 3: The size of the balloon must match the space required for the text. The size and shape of the pointer must not be changed.

No-Go´s bei Messenwänden