The design concept for exhibition media is based on a proportional layout matrix. Specific dimensions and font sizes refer to the scale 1:10 usually used for oversize formats.

Beispiele für Messewände und Roll-Ups

The following definitions distinguish between single-part exhibition media (e.g. display walls roll-ups promotion counters) and composite exhibition systems. As formats differ depending on the system, the following definitions are illustrated by examples. The composite exhibition system is described on the basis of an actual US exhibition stand.


An area can be occupied either by an image or a single-colour background. Only HR blue may be used for the coloured area. Any of the basic colours (see section Colours) may be used for accentuation (e.g. for Speech bubble on images).


The following text hierarchies are available for highlighting the text information:

Position of the text area within the balloon: margins left and right: 5 mm, top: 7 mm, bottom 24 mm (Display wall) / 12 mm (Roll-up).

Speech bubble

Exhibition media should have a speech bubble. In composite systems it is located in the central section. If there are outer surfaces facing away from the stand, these may also be occupied by a balloon. As in all media, this element should be used sparingly and not in an inflationary fashion.

Logo and claim

The logo is at the top within a white strip that takes up 1/9 of the format height (does not apply to exhibition systems with a separate fascia – use of the logo in this case is described under Exhibition systems).

Size of logo: 9 mm high (baseline to ascender) – display walls; 7 mm high – roll-ups

Size of claim: defined in proportion the logo (see section Claims)

Logo colour: 4c on white

The colour of the claim must be chosen to match the coloured area/image.


Key visuals or narrative photos (see Imagery scheme) may be used as motifs.

The use of images is defined differently for the various exhibition media. These definitions are given in the context of the individual media in the following.

Layout of the media

On exhibition media, the information must be conveyed at a glance. For this reason, restricted areas are defined in all dimension schemes, in which no text may be placed. This applies especially to the area close to the floor, which might be hidden by elements such as promotion counters, etc.

The defined font sizes must be complied with to ensure readability.