PDF settings for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC users*

* agencies and interfaces

To ensure an ideally reader-friendly presentation, the following instructions apply for generating and setting up PDF files (only possible in Acrobat Pro DC, not in Adobe Reader):

  • Documents up to six pages (inserts, flyers, 6-page flap-folders)
  • Navigation tab: page only
  • Page: single page, continuous
  • Zoom: 100%

Documents up to six pages

  • Documents as of 7 pages (e.g. financial reports, image brochures, etc.)
  • Navigation tab: thumbnails and page
  • Page: two-page spread (cover sheet)
  • Zoom: window size

Documents as of 7 pages

Documents for publishing on the Group websites should be uploaded as protected files. This is mandatory for financial reports.

The settings should be made as follows:


Documents as of 7 pages

Document Properties_Security_Change Settings:

Documents as of 7 pages

  • Please activate „Encrypt all document contents“ as well as „Restrict editing and printing...“
  • Insert password
  • Printing allowed: high resolution
  • Changes allowed: none
  • Please activate „Enable text access for screen reader devices...“ to ensure web content accessibility.

Documents as of 7 pages