Ring binder

Standard Hannover Re and E+S Rück ring binders are available for general Group purposes for which branded conference material is required and can be ordered in any quantities via Facilities Management using the following order form Ordering office equipment - internal (service available only for Home Office staff/secretaries' offices). The standard binder is all-white with logo and claim and measures 27.3 x 3.4 x 31.5 cm when closed. There is a window in the cover for inserting name tags/labels.

Binders made to order

You can order tailored ring binders for special occasions. Please send your request to Corporate Communications.

Recommended minimum order: 200

All binders produced on request have a pocket for a business card on the inside of the cover.

Net prices (as at October 2014):
Quantity 100 200 300 400 500 750
Price 1/0 coloured EUR 7.65 EUR 4.19 EUR 3.15 EUR 2.62 EUR 2.13 EUR 1.73
Price 4/0 coloured EUR 9.58 EUR 5.02 EUR 3.64 EUR 2.96 EUR 2.56 EUR 1.97
Price 5/0 coloured EUR 10.36 EUR 5.41 EUR 3.90 EUR 3.16 EUR 2.73 EUR 2.15

Production time from placing of order with details for printing: 13 working days

The following types can be produced on request, depending on the purpose:

Ring binder without theme

The departments/business areas may order customized ring binders for general, non-product or non-themed communication. These tailored orders may incorporate Hannover Re Group's visuals. The front cover of the binder may feature the department name and e.g. the title of an (in-house or external) event in a white speech bubble. Alternatively, the binder may be all-blue with a white speech bubble identifying the content, e.g. "Documents/Hand-outs."

Ring binders with a themed focus (e.g. for product marketing)

If the purpose is to advertise a product or to highlight a specific (specialist) subject/topic (e.g. a conference), narrative pictures from the Group photo pool or recently researched photos somehow relating to the product/topic may be used; use of the "somewhat different" key visuals is not permissible. The layout is made up of the image and a speech bubble in HR blue. The title (name of the product/event) appears in a blue speech bubble beneath the photo.