Universal folder

The universal folder is used to compile several documents to form an information package tailored to the recipient's needs. For instance, it makes it possible to combine brochures and (high-end and self-made) inserts.


The universal folder can be ordered by Home Office employees in any quantities via the following order form Ordering office equipment - internal. Employees working outside the Home Office please contact Coordination International Operations (FA-CIO).

The outside dimensions are 220 x 350 x 10 mm.

The universal folder is designed to contain 3 information types:

  1. title sheet DIN A4
  2. documents (e.g. inserts, brochures, contact sheets) DIN A4
  3. business card(s)

The cover of the universal folder has a cut-out in the typical speech bubble format into which the title sheet is inserted from the inside. The title sheet can be designed by any member of staff using the Word template: "Cover sheet for Group folder".

Tagungsmappe Draufsicht

Tagungsmappe Detail

There is an InDesign template containing all necessary formats for agencies/external service providers creating title sheets:

Inside the universal folder there is a pouch on the right for about 30 sheets in DIN A4 format.

The slide-in compartment has four slots into which at least one and at most two business cards should be inserted.

The documents to be presented are produced as high-end publications (e.g. image brochures, financial publications, etc.) or self-made publications. Self-made publications can be created by authorised employees. They are based on Word templates provided to the coordinating marketing units in consultation with Corporate Communications.

In addition to the universal folder, there are also image brochures created by the Business Groups. Some of these have a flap in the back cover, into which up to three DIN A4 documents can be inserted. These inserts contain short-lived information search as contacts, fixed dates, etc. and can if necessary be changed or added at short notice. But additional, e.g. product-specific inserts may also be distributed together with the image brochures (i.e. without a universal folder).

Tagungsmappe Innenansicht