Front side

Business cards are designed in the format which is standard for each particular country. They always include the company's address information, the company's website, the two-colour logo and the person's name with function designation or job title and department/responsibility. The latter items may take up at most two lines beneath the name and must be kept as brief as possible. In the examples below, placeholders are used for the function designations, department names and job titles.

The company name, which takes up the first line of the address block, is the official name as entered in the commercial register. The company name in the address block and the person's forename and surname are always printed in Pantone 294, whereas the other details in the address block are shown in black.

Reverse side

The reverse side of business cards is shaded entirely in HR-blue with the claim "somewhat different" in negative white letters. E+S Rück cards bear the claim "Der Rückversicherer für Deutschland" ("the reinsurer for Germany"). Offices in Asia may alternatively use the reverse side to show the standard content in local characters. If the reverse side is shaded blue, it has to be matt laminated.


Business card Home Office, English

Business card E+S Rück

Business card – maximum version

Business card Home Office and maximum version - reverse side

Business card E+S Rück - reverse side

System for representing telephone numbers:
Tel.SPACE"+"hairspace international dialling codeSPACEarea codeSPACEnumber" "extension
Example: Tel. + 49 123 1234567-123

The digits of telephone numbers are not written in blocks but consecutively. The international dialling code is preceded by a plus sign followed by a hair space. No initial ZERO! No ZERO in brackets (0)! Only the international code, the area code and the main telephone number may be separated by BLANK SPACES. An extension follows the main number separated by a minus sign.

1) Name: Compatil Fact Lt Com Regular, font size 11 pt, line spacing 8.6 pt, left-aligned, Pantone 294 C
2) Index: Compatil Fact Lt Com Regular, font size 7 pt, line spacing 8.6 pt, left-aligned, Pantone 294 C
3) Function or job title and address block: Compatil Fact Lt Com Regular, font size 7 pt, line spacing 8.6 pt, left-aligned, black
4) Addition maximum version: Compatil Fact Lt Com Regular, font size 7 pt, line spacing11 pt, left-aligned, versal, black

Text always ascends from bottom to top.

Reverse side: full-area Pantone 294 C. Claim in top right corner.

logo height h = 5.0 mm
height of claim "somewhat different" x = 9.5 mm
height of claim "Der Rückversicherer für Deutschland" x = 6.3 mm

Template files

Templates are available in the form of PDF files and Indesign templates. The Indesign templates cannot be opened by Hannover Re staff, they are made available only to agencies and typesetters for further processing.

The files shown here are examples. Specific local features should be adapted to the standard as far as possible, statutory requirements must be complied with and CC-ICP consulted in case of doubt.