In the following you can find information about logos as well as their application at Hannover Re. We differentiate between umbrella and company brand(s) and the sub-brands.

Tools, projects, newsletters, etc., for in-house use only are not given a logo but only a name. They are not usually registered as proprietary brands. The name is shown in the font most appropriate to the communication medium in which it appears. The size and colour depend on the headline hierarchy of the publication concerned.

Umbrella brand and company brands

Our logos and claims are permanent design features constructed in the "Avenir" font. They are available as vector and bitmap files in the download pool. Please use the files from the download pool. Logos and claims must not be imitated or changed.

The logo files are structured so that, when inserted into the layouts at 100%, they are the right size for format DIN A4. The sizes for the various media are described in the dedicated sections.

Logos Hannover Re, E+S Rück


The logo with its aesthetic appeal is to be seen as a symbol of quality and so must always be set in the direction of reading. Vertical formats and sloping lettering are not allowed. The logo is characteristically positioned at the bottom right on publications. Exceptions apply for business stationery (top right), on internet pages and exhibition media (top left).

The logo positions are defined in the dedicated sections.


Logos are preferably used in a combination of black and the primary colour HR blue. On coloured backgrounds and darkish photos the logo is reversed (negative) in white. An all-black version is available for black-and-white print media.



For maximum effect, logo and claim must not be smaller than the defined minimum size of 5 mm (exception: stamps).

The logo adapts its size in relation to the format. For all DIN formats the sizes are defined as follows:

Minimum distance

To give the logos their full effect, a defined minimum distance must be observed between the logo and the edge of the format.


Sub-brands of Hannover Re or of the company brand E+S Rück are visually unified and continue the identity of the superordinated brand, deriving their characteristics (colour, sans-serif combination of normal and bold font) from it.

Logo subbrand hr es ih

Design principles

  • Font: Compatil Fact; first part of text ("hr", "es") in "bold", second part of text in "regular"
  • Design element: vertical line in HR warm grey
  • Optional description subline: Compatil Fact regular, black

Logos are always designed by an agency and must not be imitated or adapted.

No Go's

The design for all brand marks of the Hannover Re Group is based on logotypes/the name. Incorporation of configurated elements from the Corporate Design (e.g. balloon, pictograms) and use of freely designed signets are not permitted.

The only visual element is the vertical line at brand level 2. Elements not provided for in the design guidelines, such as borders, underlining, background shading or effects are not permitted.


Regardless of their registration, subbrand logos do not contain a legal marking but are simply displayed according to the defined layout.


Logos are always single-lined. Only explanatory text such as a subline is permitted.


Use of description sublines

Sublines are permitted if they are of a descriptive nature. Registration as a brand often even makes a subline necessary. This should be checked when devising a name.


No Go’s

Advertising/metaphorical claims/sublines are not permissible, neither as part of the logo nor as stand-alone text modules,  as these would compete with the two company claims "somewhat different" and "Der Rückversicherer für Deutschland".

You can find further information in the section Claims


Use of sub-brands in publications

Sub-brand logos are always used in conjunction with the umbrella or company brand. They never appear on their own. This also applies to miniature formats and special media (e.g. ball-point pens).

Sub-brand logos are never placed immediately next to or above the umbrella brand in the layout, nor at the same height as or directly beneath the claim, but only in the content space.

Here you can find some layout examples of the sub-brand logo in different media.


The size of the sub-brand logo depends on the height of the umbrella or company brand logo, the height of the sub-brand logo always being 111% the height of the umbrella brand/company logo. (The percentage higher than 100 is due to the vertical line between hr, es and the brand name.)


Here you can find the defined logo sizes for all DIN formats for the Group and for the sub-brands.


Minimum space

A minimum space of half the height of the logo must be left free around the logo. The minimum size in which the sub-brand logo may be used is 5.6 mm for logos without a subline and 8.6 mm for logos with a subline.


Representation in continuous text

Logos (image files) are as a general rule not used in continuous text. Brand names are always written in the same font as the continuous text. The spelling is as used in the original logo.

Umbrella and company brands are never used in lower-case letters in continuous text, unless specifically to replicate the brand name as actually registered. In that case, the spelling is as in the logo.

Sub-brands replicate the registered spelling of the logotype (e.g.: "webHUMan") to enhance association with the brand and avoid misunderstandings in the context of the text (e.g. "es I FluteT"). Design features (bold print, colours, etc.) are not replicated.