The Hannover Re-Group's imagery scheme works with narrative photos (Image concept). To reinforce the narrative character of the images, each picture is given a caption which provides supplementary information on the image or on the content of the publication.

Use of picture captions is clearly defined in the Corporate Design:

Title page

Pictures on the title page are also given a caption irrespective of whether the picture is in the form of a speech bubble or a rectangle with a speech bubble as a coloured area (see Speech bubble).

Length: the picture caption on a title page should ideally be set in two lines and not have more than 130 characters.

"No goes": the caption must not include e.g. information on the author of the publication, the version number nor any information that does not relate directly to the picture or the content.

If a title page consists only of a coloured speech bubble (whether as a shaded area or an outline), the caption is omitted.