All moving-image media should help to convey a multi-faceted, lively and high-quality brand image of the company without appearing flippant or pretentious. The "somewhat different" claim can be incorporated into the conceptual approach for the Group as a whole, e.g. by the choice and presentation of the topics, protagonists or film techniques. However, this does not apply to E+S Re with its "The reinsurer for Germany" claim.

Transitions between scenes or sequences should use only subtle effects such as fading to black or white, cross-fading and hard cuts.

The most important facts in brief Animated videos CD specifications (PDF)

Live action sequences

The rules for staging leave enough creative liberty to effectively present whatever is to be communicated. Nevertheless, certain requirements in terms of tonality should be taken into account. Some of these are derived from the "narrative visual world."

  • Live action sequences are always in colour. Black-and-white and duplex (monochromatic) are not allowed.
  • Filmed material is frequently based on a script or dramaturgic plot. Nevertheless. the sequences should always appear as authentic and convincing as possible. Acted, read or otherwise posed scenes should be avoided. Whenever possible, natural light should be used.
  • The raw material may to edited to optimize contrast, colour balance, saturation and composition. Artistic alienation such as colour filters, digital effects or added blurring are not allowed.
  • The background may be left blurred to emphasise the foreground.
  • The perspective should be eye-level. Worms-eye or birds-eye views may be chosen if they are in keeping with the scene or the intended message. The horizon is always straight and level.
  • Fast and slow motions are allowed only if they intensify the message.
  • Cuts should always be chosen to achieve a lively, multi-faceted but not hectic impression.

Film sequences – especially if shot by staff themselves – should always be produced in the best possible quality, even if using a smart phone:

  • best possible resolution (preferably HD)
  • sufficient light
  • steady camera work (preferably using a tripod or other arm rest)
  • sound should if possible be recorded on a separate track using an external microphone to avoid background noise.
  • shot sequences should be as long as possible to provide ample material for cutting.


Animations are non-filmed moving-image sequences comprising text, vector objects and illustrations. The following guidelines apply:

  • Permissible background colours are HR blue, HR cyan HR warm grey and white.
  • Photos may be incorporated, but stand-alone photographed subjects are not allowed.
  • Illustrations should always be based on the guidelines for Group pictograms: they use a planar, reduced, two-dimensional style and are readily understandable across cultural boundaries. Comic- and cartoon-like elements are not allowed.
  • Patterns and structures, e.g. hatching or dot matrices and progressions, must not be used.
  • Photorealistic objects or sequences synthesized in 3D programs are not allowed.


Incorporating ready-made tutorials

If tutorials (how-to-do videos) produced by external service providers are to be used or incorporated, a disclaimer must be prominently displayed to identify them as non-proprietary content/styles.

Bought-in material usually involves extra effort for adapting it to the Corporate Design. Before purchasing, it is important to think about whether this adaptation justifies the extra cost (especially in the case of material intended for in-house use only and not for communicating the company's image).

Text hierarchy continuous text 2, view format series


Text (German/English):

"Das folgende Video wurde uns dank der freundlichen Unterstützung der Firma XX zur Verfügung gestellt. Aus diesem Grund unterscheidet sich das Design des Videos auch vom Corporate Design der Hannover Rück-Gruppe. Alle Rechte, insbesondere Urheberrecht an dem Video, stehen der Firma XX zu. Es ist nicht erlaubt, das Video zu reproduzieren/zu vervielfältigen."

"The video you are about to see is kindly provided by company XX. Consequently, the video does not follow Hannover Re Group's Corporate Design rules. All intellectual property rights with regard to the video are held by Company XX. This video may not be reproduced in full or in part."


Animation in presentation applications and online media

The relevant parts of this documentation should, as a general rule, also be applied wherever content or elements are animated. This includes:

  • automatically running PowerPoint presentations (transitions between slides and animations within slides) view chapter PowerPoint
  • new presentation tools such as "Prezi" that allow extensive use of animations
  • automatic image transitions on websites ("sliders")
  • animated gifs and film sequences within banners

Moving-image sequences embedded in a presentation or a website must always follow the rules set out in this documentation.