We define miniature formats as printed materials smaller than DIN A6.


  • minimum requirement: logo
  • if there is enough space available: the claim, too (also permissible on the reverse side of objects that are printed on both sides, such as USB cards)
  • stick to the proportional grid (format divided into 15 columns and 12 lines)


  • narrative photos: claim is mandatory, speech bubble is optional; caption is optional.
  • formats which only have space for the logo must be graphically designed.


If there is enough space available it is also permissible to insert text in the speech bubble


  • direct reference to the product or event; example: "Welcome to the Hanover Forum"
  • approved extracts, quotes or key figures taken from
    • the HR strategy (brochure); examples: "We aspire to be the best option for our business partners", "We are passionate about reinsurance and chart our own course", "We manage risks actively" etc.
    • from Annual Reports; example: "We are still number one in reinsurance of motor business"
    • from business segment marketing brochures; example: "We specialise in what we know best"
    • from the HR Internet presentation; example: "Efficient capital management is one of our keys to success"
  • No-goes
    • metaphors, especially "marketing-heavy" statements/formulations that clash with the "somewhat different" claim; example: "Opening up new horizons", "Building bridges to our clients" etc.

Text hierarchies


Compatil Text LT Com Regular, 10/12.5 pt, optical kerning, spacing 0, HR blue, HR cyan, white

Continuous text: Compatil Fact LT Com Regular, 8.75/12.5 pt, optical kerning, spacing 0, HR blue, white


Compatil Fact LT Com Regular, 6.5/8 pt, optical kerning, spacing 0, black, white




Placing a sub-brand logo on miniature formats

When placing a sub-brand logo on a miniature format attention should be paid on not placing the sub-brand logo immediately next to the umbrella or company brand and the claim. In the case of give-aways such as marker pens or ball-points, the claim can be omitted if the area available for advertising is too small. If the give-away features a speech bubble, the sub-brand logo is placed within the speech bubble. Only a sub-brand logo without subline may be used on give-aways and miniature formats.


Sub-brand logo on miniature format