The basic idea is to convey the message "We know our market(s)."

The advertising scheme is a visual representation of our self-image:

"Thanks to its undogmatic, flexible and innovative business model, Hannover Re benchmarks itself against the best competitors on any market."

Expertise and detailed knowledge of our markets and business areas is a central theme and communication goal of the campaign and highlight Hannover Re as a company with a global set-up that knows its business inside and out and can cope with any challenge.

Text ideas

The central element of all advertisements is an interesting fact.

Sprechblase mit Textidee

This information is meant to attract the reader's attention and represents Hannover Re's specific know-how. In terms of content, two levels are conceivable:

1. An unusual piece of information that should be more or less closely related to our markets or business areas and may have a tongue-in-cheek touch:

  • In 1962 a cow flew nearly half a mile in the tail wind of a tornado
  • 336 dimples cover the surface of a golf ball

2. A down-to-earth fact that can be expressed in a key figure or a concise term:

  • 2% of the world's population are chronic sleep-walkers
  • 304.8 meters is the diameter of the reflector of the radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
  • 20% of all accidents in Germany happen to people during sport


  • The facts must be backed up by a source
  • They convey a positive message
  • They are not too far in the past

Image ideas

The motifs are derived from the Group-wide image philosophy. The cardinal element is Narrative photography. In the context of advertising, images convey two types of content:

  • Markets and regions with a focus on the core markets of Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South Africa
  • The property/casualty and life/health reinsurance business areas with their respective characteristic topics (Marine/Aviation special lines, catastrophe business, biometric risks such as longevity, etc.)