Advertisements are composed of pre-defined elements that vary depending on the type of ad:


  1. Subject motif or colour plane
  2. Speech bubble as a text area or picture frame (in product and job advertisements), picture caption (if a subject motif is used)
  3. Advertising text
  4. CD elements logo and claim
  5. URL and contact information

Image advertisements (Group and local markets)



Advertisements always use a full-format motif from the narrative photography image level.

The motif relates to the market (country) or to one of our business areas and visualises some fact (see Communication scheme for image advertisements/text ideas). Possible motifs are:

  • Landscapes
  • Urban scenes
  • Focus on a characteristic object, building, feature or detail

If persons are shown, they should be only an incidental part of the scenery.

Speech bubble

The preferred colour for the speech bubble is HR cyan. Other permissible colours are white, HR blue and HR warm grey (in 30% gradations); the colour should always provide a distinct contrast with the motif. Image advertisements always have a picture caption.

Advertising text

Texts convey the communication theme "We know our markets" (for Group ads) or "We know our market" (for ads by Hannover Re Group companies) - see section Communication scheme.

If necessary, an (optional) text block within the speech bubble can provide further information.


The logo is always placed at the bottom right of the format, the claim at the top right. The logo and claim colours and the correct size and positioning of the elements are described in the section Logos.

Contact information

The minimum requirement is the internet address at the bottom left. Further contact information may be added as required. The font colour may be black, HR blue or white, depending on the lightness of the motif – the prime consideration here is optimum readability. If necessary, the "Compatil Fact Bold" font may be used to make it easier to read the text.

Sponsoring advertisements



Advertisements use a full-format motif or a full-area colour plane. Permissible colours are HR blue, HR cyan and HR warm grey (in 30% gradations).

Speech bubble

If a motif is used: see "Image advertisements". If a colour plane is used, the bubble is white (background HR blue or HR cyan) or HR blue or HR cyan (background HR warm grey). Use of a caption is optional.

Advertising text

The text consists of a headline and a block of continuous text. Core messages have been defined for our business areas based on Group strategy.

Logo and claim

See chapter above "Image advertisements".

If the colour plane in HR blue or HR cyan is used, the logo and claim are white; if HR warm grey is used, the logo and claim are in the positive 4c version of HR blue/black.

Contact information

See chapter above "Image advertisements".

Congratulatory and thank-you ads

Classified advertisements offering congratulations, e.g. on anniversaries, or acknowledgements have the following layout:

Example: original size: two columns, 91.5 x 45mm


The advertisement is always horizontal, extending over at least two columns (in the layout of the newspaper concerned). The height of the advertisement depends on its content.

  1. The background is HR blue or HR cyan.
  2. The speech bubble is white and always 13/15 (13x) of the width. The height depends on the amount of text. The distance between the speech bubble and the top edge and between the speech bubble and the logo is the same as the height of the logo ([a], here: 5mm). Text format: Compatil Text LT Com Regular, 10/12.5pt, metric kerning , spacing 5, HR blue
  3. URL text format: Compatil Fact LT Com Bold, 8.75/12.5pt, optical kerning, spacing 0, white
  4. The logo is white and in this example 5mm (a) high (see format series for much bigger formats). The distance between the logo and the speech bubble and between the logo and the lower edge is the same as the height of the logo (a).

Product advertisements

Hannover Re uses product advertisements to market its own products (e.g. software solutions). The design distinguishes this kind of ad from image advertisements (not full-format/no borderless images).


Advertisements use a subject motif; the frame around the motif takes the form of the speech bubble.

Speech bubble

The speech bubble has a 5 mm margin at the top and sides. The height must be at least 4/6 and at most 5/6 of the format height. Product advertisements use a caption. A space of minimum 12 mm is mandatory between the upper edge of the contact information/web address and the baseline of the caption.


Example for product advert

Advertising text

The text is on a white rectangular area within the speech bubble. Headlines are in HR blue, the continuous text is black and may be printed in one or two columns, depending on the width of the ad. Product logos are harmoniously embedded in the continuous text; they should never be bigger than the Group logo.

Umbrella brand logo/claim

See chapter above "Image advertisements".

Contact information

The minimum requirement is the internet address at the bottom left. In this case the picture height is 5/6 of the format height. If further contact information is provided, the picture height is 4/6 of the format height. The text of the contact information is black.

Placing a sub-brand logo

Sub-brands may be promoted only in the form of product advertisements. The logo always stands in the content area of the advertisement, in the white box.